Contest for Party Planners: Is It a Good Thing?

I have been seeing a very sad trend of larger bloggers posting parties and events with the contingency that these parties are not published anywhere else, including the party hostess’ blog, before they are featured. That is wrong. It is extremely disheartening to see it..and I am astonished at how many allow these larger bloggers to hold that power over them. I know why people do it, but it is still quite sad.

In my opinion, respect from your peers is more valuable than winning any contest. I have seen some of the most beautiful and creative parties in the world that are never showcased for more than a second of screen time-no reason-just not something people felt like featuring. I do not get that. Talent is talent.

It is all quite political, a game of who knows who, and really says nothing about worth or talent. And…parties are just so subjective…one person may swoon over a party, while another chicks thinks it is so-so. That is the beauty of online and personal preference. It is also difficult to compare parties because they are all apples to oranges.

You are way beyond talented. You are creative, clever and an amazing person. You have an extraordinary skill set and are successful and very much adored. Do not let a random contest define you.

I have seen some bloggers beg for votes in what seems like every 15 minutes on Twitter! So, I’m sure that comes into play in final votes! Plus, although I am a small blogger and not a professional party planner, I hate showing preference for one designer over another, so I never vote in those things. I think every designer has something special to bring to the table and I admire different designers for different reasons. I know it’s a cliche, but don’t take it personally or bring you down. Focus on your following and accomplishments. From what I see you have such a loyal following–and there is a lot to be said for that! And it’s not only because you’re nice! You are very good at what you do, and your dedication to what you do comes through in each of your posts and communication with your readers.

First, thank you for being so vulnerable! I know your vulnerability will be an inspiration to so many who struggle with the same things. I believe that many us walk this same path. Knowing that we are talented and produce an amazing product but feeling as if we can’t compete with others.

A prime example…last night as I was getting ready for bed, I saw a featured party with a similar theme to a party set we are in the midst of designing. I know in my heart that our invitation is amazing and the discount party supplies to match will be as well. BUT…because this party was featured on a well-known party supplies blog, featured tons of vendors and raved about…I fear that our penny pinching party design will fade into the background. A fear that is truly unfounded. How do I know that people will not fall in love with our discount party supplies? We just sold the invitation to a client the other day and she loved it!

Fear is the first step to failure. If you never try, you will never fail…BUT if you never try, you will never succeed! It’s not always easy but I’m going to choose to TRY! That’s not easy to say…tears are flowing…Kristy, The Purple Pug, and Geneveive, The Superchick, continually inspire me to be true to myself and not to follow the same path that others walk. My path is unique, quirky, full of puns and Happy Dances with a lil’ pink pig in a party hat!